The primary symbol of this year’s ASEAN Summits and the Philippine Chairmanship.

All the elements were purposely selected, from the colors to typeface, to capture the vision of ASEAN 2017.

ASEAN 2017

We welcome all of you, our brothers and sisters all over the region to our home.

The Philippines is honored to be the Chairman of ASEAN 2017, and we look forward to the year ahead as we continue to pursue and enhance cooperation with you, our neighbors.

The theme “Partnering for Change Engaging the World” reflects the Philippine government’s advocacy to promote unity with and among ASEAN member states and its global partners. We invite everyone to become dynamic and vibrant allies as we envision a future that is prosperous for all citizens.

We are one community, with one shared identity, one vision. An even stronger ASEAN begins today.


A People-Orientedand People-Centered ASEAN

This prioritizes women empowerment, and the social protection of women, the elderly and disabled. We will also focus on the rights of our migrant workers, and how we can ensure that they will not be exploited or mistreated.

Peace and Stability in the Region

This focuses on ASEAN members as they work together to keep the peace in the region. It will include putting a stop on the proliferation of illegal drugs. It will also address terrorism and transnational crimes. This continues our efforts to build an ASEAN Community that has prospered because it has maintained peace and stability in the region, creating a flourishing resilient economy.

Maritime Security and Cooperation

This ensures we protect our seas and the citizens who depend on it. Our fishermen and individuals who use these waters must be able to enjoy their rights and perform their tasks without feeling insecure about their safety. Due to the importance of shipping and seaborne trade in the region, we will need to create a comprehensive plan to strengthen maritime security.

Inclusive, Innovation-led Growth

This means promoting entrepreneurship especially micro, small or medium enterprises. We will help employees become business owners, while our businessmen are encouraged to go digital in order to compete globally.

ASEAN’s Resiliency

We know that storms, droughts, and other natural catastrophes are impossible to prevent, but if we embrace resilient development we can make our region disaster-resilient and adaptable to climate change.

ASEAN: A Model of Regionalism,a Global Player

We are stronger together. Our unity gives us better influence in addressing critical issue that serve the world.