14 November 2017 | Manila, Philippines

On the occasion of the 31st ASEAN Summit held in Manila, ASEAN finalized the Bohol Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Work Plan 2017-2020, the first cross-sectoral and cross-pillar action plan developed by ASEAN to address trafficking in persons in the region.

The Bohol TIP Work Plan highlights harmonized regional activities to combat Trafficking in Persons in the four areas of prevention of trafficking in persons, protection of victims, law enforcement and prosecution of crimes of trafficking in persons, and regional and international coordination. The Work Plan further includes expected outputs of each activity and its implementation status as reference in monitoring and evaluating the Work Plan. The Work Plan has been endorsed by nine sectoral bodies representing the three pillars of the ASEAN Community, namely: political-security, economic and socio-cultural.

The Bohol TIP Work Plan implements the 2015 ASEAN Convention Against Trafficking in Persons Especially Women and Children (ACTIP), which took effect on 8 March 2017, following the deposit of the instrument of ratification by the Philippines. To date, it has been ratified by 8 other ASEAN Member States.

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